About - Clarity
We listen, we learn, we advise and we plan…


We are a team of dedicated,
experienced Independent
Financial Advisers.

It is our independence that sets us apart from crowd: we do not have any ties to or relationships with any particular financial providers, so we can truly give you the freedom of choice you deserve when it comes to planning for your financial future.

Our loyalty lies with you, our clients, and it is our duty to give you access to a full range of financial services and products so that you can – with our qualified help – choose the best short-term and long-term outcomes for you, your business and your loved ones.

Because we are duty-bound to put your interests first, you can trust us, absolutely, to recommend products and services that are the most appropriate for your own particular needs and aims, and your individual attitude to risk.

Whatever your background, whatever your vision, the Clarity team is on hand to provide you with a bespoke service that will give you peace of mind about your financial future. We are able to do this because we have a very simple but effective ethos:

We listen, we learn, we advise and we plan…

We Listen and We Learn

We will always invite you to meet us informally before you commit to working with us. We believe very strongly that not only do we need an opportunity to listen to you and understand your aims and priorities before we can properly advise you, but you also you need an opportunity to get to know us before you can feel confident that we are the right people to guide you through the maze of financial products and services that are competing for your custom.

Developing an ongoing personal and interactive relationship with you thereafter is key; from a position of trust we can properly manage your expectations and communicate with you honestly and effectively throughout the planning process – even if that means having tough conversations with you – to ensure that we always reach the best outcome for you.

We Advise and We Plan

At Clarity we follow the principles of the internationally-renowned ‘Kinder Institute’ – this means that instead of simply selling you a financial product we offer you a much more comprehensive service; one that we call “Financial Life Planning”.

Once we understand precisely where you want to be moving forward and what you want to get out of not just your professional but also your personal life, we can use our expertise, our extensive knowledge and years of experience to show you the best route to financial security.

The success of the financial planning process hinges on us being able to demonstrate to you how the decisions you take now will impact on the bigger picture; in short, we will help you make educated choices in the immediate term that will set you on a steady path to achieving your mid and long term future goals.

By maintaining a professional perspective and clarity of purpose in all that we do we strive to not just meet, but also hopefully exceed, your expectations.

But that’s enough about us. We’re more interested in you, and how we can help you reach your financial goals.

Come and see us or let us come and see you at our expense, for an initial, confidential, no obligation discussion – give us a ring on 0800 2335599 or send us an email at discover@claritywm.co.uk

We are a team of dedicated, experienced
Independent Financial Advisers. It is our independence
that sets us apart from crowd.