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Auto Enrolment


Auto enrolment is not a
choice, it’s a requirement.
Let Clarity help you
cost-effectively master the
new pension procedure.

If you are an employer, there is no escaping the pension auto enrolment process. Since the law regarding workplace pensions changed in 2008, UK businesses have had an obligation to place certain employees into a pension scheme and make contributions towards it. Your staff members may themselves choose to opt out of the auto enrolment scheme but only after you have enrolled them.

Clarity’s team of specialist advisers can answer all of your auto enrolment questions; we can be trusted to:

  • inform you which of your staff meet the auto enrolment criteria,
  • tell you when your ‘staging date’ (deadline) for auto enrolment is,
  • help you to complete the enrolment process for all qualifying staff before your time runs out, and
  • let you know what information about auto enrolment you must give to your staff.

The penalties for non-compliance with the auto enrolment requirements are large, and for many businesses implementation of the auto enrolment procedures can be demanding in terms of both time and resources. With that in mind, we think you will find that you simply cannot afford not to let us help you fulfill your auto enrolment obligations.

Come to Clarity for auto enrolment advice and we will show you the hassle free way to achieve compliance.

Clarity are always on the ball and ahead of the game. They explain all elements of their work and advice in great detail but in a way that is very easy to understand.

Rachel, Devon