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Business Route Map Planning


We make it our business to make your business better. Whether you have been established for years, or are just starting out; whether you have just a handful of employees, or a whole army of staff; if you are in business you need a plan.

There are no two ways about it – every organisation needs a strategy in place to ensure success.

At Clarity we offer a bespoke Business Route Map Planning service. We help you to really focus on your future, work out what your ultimate goals are, consider the issues and challenges you may face whilst on your journey and help you to plan for these challenges so that they do not take you by surprise and prevent you from achieving the level of success you desire.

Not only can we give you the support you need to deal efficiently with your responsibilities to your employees, we also have the experience to:

  • help your business formulate a realistic budget plan,
  • deal with your with financial planning and taxes,
  • manage your revenue taking into account your responsibilities to creditors and minimising the impact of your debtors,
  • plan strategic capital investments (buying commercial property, for example) if and when you have the resources to do so,
  • structure acquisitions and asset disposals in a tax-efficient manner,
  • properly advise on the implementation of your own pension and benefits packages,
  • assist you with your exit strategy or succession planning.

Importantly, we also appreciate that it is not enough to have goals and a plan in place for reaching them; you need to go one step further and also anticipate life events that could threaten the realization of your dreams. You need to consider how your business would be affected in the event of adversity – what would happen, for example, in the event of the loss of a business owner or key individual due to sickness or death?

The consequences of not planning effectively for unforeseen circumstances can be ruinous. It is therefore crucial that you put measures into place to ensure that your business can continue in the absence of vital parties. We are here to offer our professional advice on private medical schemes, critical illness policies, key person assurance and life insurance. We can also make sure that ownership of a part or all of your business passes effectively to the appropriate person(s) should you or a business partner die.

Your employees, like you, will also have concerns about pensions, private medical insurance and death-in-service benefits, and so we are on hand to help you cater for their needs to. Please talk to us about the drop-in surgeries we can host for you and the seminars we run for larger groups of employees.

Let us guide you on your business journey so that you can focus clearly on your destination.

Clarity immediately impressed us with their broad business appreciation and practical application of complex issues. Helping in a balanced and proactive manner they are highly recommended by our company as honest and hard working advisors.

John, Devon