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Self Employed? Going into Partnership? About to become a Director of your own Company? Clarity: making sure you take care of you…

Setting up and running your own business – whether with others or on your own – can be both scary and liberating in equal measure. The benefits of being your own boss are obvious: you make the rules, you dictate the pace, you see first-hand the rewards. But, with that freedom there comes responsibility, and you really do owe it to yourself to put yourself first.

When you leave employment to go into business on your own terms you also leave behind the security of the workplace. You are no longer entitled to sick pay, or holiday pay, or parental leave. You are no longer eligible for child-care vouchers or a company pension. Your wellbeing is, all of a sudden, solely your concern.

Making the transition from employment into self-employment, or from employee to Partner or Director, therefore, requires some careful planning and some clarity of thought and vision. And that’s where we come in. Fortunately for you, the experienced advisers at Clarity Wealth Management LLP understand your situation and can provide you with the guidance you deserve as you take your first brave steps along the pathway to self-employment success.

We will show you:

  • what you need to do to put into place a personal pension plan (or similar) so that you can support yourself in your retirement,
  • how to protect yourself in the event of severe illness,
  • the best way to ensure your loved ones are cared for should you die,
  • how to plan and budget for extended periods of time away from work (e.g. to take a holiday or time off when your child is born), and
  • tax efficient ways of saving money and making investments.

At Clarity we believe that you do not need to sacrifice yourself in order to work for yourself.  We are here to make sure you plan for all eventualities and can enjoy your very own perks as your very own boss.

We approached Clarity when our finances had run into problems. They immediately grasped where we were, what the problems were and pointed us to an easily implemented solution.

Clifford, Devon