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Cash Flow Modelling


Forecasting your financial future so that you can reach your full potential.

Knowing what you want out of life is one thing. Understanding how to actually get it is an entirely different matter. That’s where the Clarity Cash Flow Modelling service comes into play.

In its simplest form, Cash Flow Modelling is an assessment tool; it’s the process we use to measure your wealth and make careful calculations about your current and future financial capabilities, based on your income and expenditure and your wants and needs.

Cash Flow Modelling transcends all of our financial planning services; whatever advice you may look to us to give, we always need to bear in mind the bigger picture and demonstrate to you how the decisions you make today can affect your future. The right decision is an informed decision. Clarity is vital.

So, what exactly can Cash Flow Modelling do for you?

It can, for example:

  • Help you to better understand your value today and your potential for tomorrow,
  • Show you how realistic your financial goals are,
  • Give you vital perspective when making important decisions such as when you can afford to retire, whether you can fund a house move, or when to sell your business,
  • Enable you to implement manageable saving and investment plans so that you can pay for your children’s education or take that long dreamed of round the world trip,
  • Better anticipate the impact of unexpected life changes,
  • Allow you to assess when the time is right to gift assets to your family,
  • Coordinate all aspects of your tax and investment planning to ensure that your income, your assets and your liabilities are organised and distributed in the most tax efficient way.

At Clarity we use Cash Flow Modelling to enable you to make confident decisions about your finances so that you can live your life now to the full, safe in the knowledge that your future is also taken care of.

Please note that Cash Flow Modelling is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We approached Clarity when our finances had run into problems. They immediately grasped where we were, what the problems were and pointed us to an easily implemented solution.

Clifford, Devon