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Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning


Clarity: An organic approach to financial planning. We listen, we learn, we advise and we plan…

At Clarity Wealth Management we believe that your personal ambitions, your individual circumstances and your unique hopes and desires all dictate your own particular financial planning journey. We look to provide you with a comprehensive service, one which caters not just for the ‘here and now’ but also for the ‘then and when’.

We are followers of the principles of the internationally renowned ‘Kinder Institute’ – www.kinderinstitute.com – and we pride ourselves on the fact that 2 of Clarity’s Registered Life Planners are Kinder Associates.

We involve you in the planning process from start to finish. It is your money to invest, your life to live and your family’s wellbeing or the success of your business that is in the balance. So you call the shots.

Clarity’s holistic approach to financial planning works for both businesses and individuals alike. If you and we work together and follow a few very simple yet effective steps you will seamlessly get where you want to be:

  • Tell us about your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.
  • Help us to understand what your current assets and liabilities are.
  • Let us then help you work out how close you are to reaching the goals you have set yourself.
  • Allow us to advise you on the measures you need to put into place to achieve your goals, protecting your family and property, your business and staff in the process.
  • Be open to longer-term investments so that you can develop security for yourself, your family and your business.
  • Prepare for your retirement and plan for your family’s future by making a Will and creating your own personal Estate Plan.
  • Prepare for the day when you may wish to leave your business by having a succession strategy and exit route mapped out.

Communication is key and our commitment to you is long term. We want you to feel comfortable and included in every part of the planning process. Pick up the phone, come and see us, or ask us to come and see you at any time. We are here for you today, tomorrow, when life is plain sailing and when the going gets tough. Your financial security is our concern.

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Clarity are extremely personable and informative as well as being very organised and competent. I have had many questions and queries which they have always answered quickly and in such a way to make me immediately confident of my investment being secure.

Peter, Devon