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When there are hundreds of mortgage products available on the market at any given time, how can you be certain that the mortgage you are offered is the right one for you? Come to Clarity and we will help you figure it all out!


As Independent Financial Advisers we really are best placed to give you the objective perspective you need when it comes to sourcing your mortgage. We are are duty-bound to put your interests first so you can trust us, absolutely, to recommend the mortgage products that are the most appropriate for your own particular set of circumstances.

This sets us worlds apart from the large number of mortgage brokers and financial advisers that act as agents for specific mortgage lenders; these ‘tied’ agents can only offer mortgage products from the lenders that they represent meaning that, frequently, the mortgage they offer you might well benefit them more than it does you because of the commission they stand to receive.

Whether you are stepping up the property ladder, buying a property as an investment, downsizing to fund your retirement, or remortgaging your existing home, we have the depth of knowledge and understanding of the mortgage market required to genuinely recommend the most suitable mortgage for you.

  • We take the time to research the mortgage market for you so that you don’t have to
  • We explain the different types of mortgage products available and help you compare costs
  • We can also recommend other professionals we trust – solicitors, surveyors, planning consultants, for example – so that you have the entire package of support you need up until the moment you finally put the key in your new front door.

In short, we provide clear, unbiased, personalised mortgage advice so that you can confidently make your mortgage or remortgaging decision.


Clarity explained all our options fully in plain English. Always impartially in order that we could make our own best informed decisions.

Emmeline, Devon