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Specialist Sector Services


Providing specialist financial advice to specialist sector workers.

Are you a vet? Maybe you are a doctor or a dentist? Or a farmer or dairy owner? Perhaps you are the Head of a Multi Academy Trust? If you work within a specialist sector your financial needs are unique and the advisers at Clarity know this. We have the expertise to help you manage your finances, protect yourself and your business and plan for your future with confidence.

What matters to you matters to us. We know that you have both personal and professional financial needs and obligations. The Clarity team is on hand to help you insure yourself, your home and your practice and business premises. We will work with you to put into place a plan for your financial future and your retirement using our extensive knowledge of the benefits available to you as a BVA member to your advantage.

Doctors and Dentists
Clarity can help you to ensure that you, your business and your family are all protected in the event that something unexpected happens to you or a key member of staff. We understand that your circumstances are unique and regularly changing. We know that you need to have specific professional insurances in place and we understand the workings of the NHS Pension Scheme and the personal benefits available to its members. Whatever your budget, whatever your personal goals or family obligations, the advisers at Clarity will find the right solution(s) for you.

Famers and Dairy Owners
We understand that your business is unlike any other. You have distinct financial planning and business management needs. You will have very specific succession concerns. And the rules relating to Inheritance Tax and the different categories of relief available for farmers and their families are complex. Clarity Wealth Management LLP has the specialist skills to assist you with your rural business financial forecasting, insurance related and pension and succession planning needs.

Multi Academy Trusts
A growing number of schools are choosing to convert to Academy status because of the greater degree of autonomy they can enjoy. But with that newfound freedom comes a larger level of liability. Schools are essentially becoming businesses; they have accounting responsibilities and are all of a sudden responsible for managing massive budgets. Clarity’s experienced advisers have the skills to help you understand your financial duties and manage your funds effectively so that you can succeed as a business as well as a school.

Clarity spent time to understand our requirements and then having researched thoroughly helped with good quality advice.

Susan, Devon