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Tax Effective Benefit Solutions


Specialist advice for Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders. You take care of your business – so let your business take care of you too.

At Clarity Wealth Management LLP we understand, first hand, the pressures and obligations that come with running your own business. When you are the one in charge, the buck stops with you. But STOP right there yourself one moment! You are also more than likely your business’ most valuable asset. Without you there would be no business. So why on earth wouldn’t you want to make sure YOU are taken care of like the star that you are?

Putting measures into place to protect you, your fellow Directors and Shareholders, and your key personnel in the event of illness or death doesn’t have to cost the earth; in fact, in most instances, implementing protective insurances an often save you money because of the tax reliefs you can claim.

And not only can we can show you how to cost-effectively plan for adversity, we can also tell you about the tax-efficient investments you can make so that you can use your income to grow your future wealth, leaving you in the optimum position to enjoy your years in retirement.

Let us tell you briefly about the options available to you:

Tax-efficient life cover
Your business can pay the premiums, you can still take home your usual salary or pay, there is no tax payable on the premiums and in most cases the benefits (i.e. the money paid to your chosen beneficiaries should you die) are paid free of IHT.

Critical illness cover
The benefits of corporate critical illness protection can be particularly valuable for SMEs where the principal shareholders are often the key employees as well. Cover of this nature can help ease the financial strain and worry that comes with the illness of a business owner because the tax-free lumps sums payable can cover mortgage costs and other continuing financial obligations when the key individual is unable to work.

Pension plans
If you wish to save for the future and reduce the amount of today’s income that you lose to tax you could consider paying into a Pension Plan, such as SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) or SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme), for example; there are various options available to you.

Inheritance Tax savings
Seek advise on using specially constructed Trusts so that when you die your loved ones do not have to pay IHT on your interest in the business. If you leave your business in a family trust or similar, income from your business is protected for your dependents and your family can continue to benefit from your business in a tax-efficient way for years to come.

There are a number of tax-efficient investments and tax-saving strategies available to you as a business owner. Let Clarity make sure that you get the advice you deserve so that your wealth is protected and your family’s future is bright and secure.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
Almost all of the potential growth is tax free!

Don’t forget to let your business look after you…

Clarity are extremely personable and informative as well as being very organised and competent. I have had many questions and queries which they have always answered quickly and in such a way to make me immediately confident of my investment being secure.

Peter, Devon