We are a team of dedicated, experienced
Independent Financial Advisers.
It is our independence that sets us
apart from crowd.
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Jason Mountjoy

Founding Partner, Independent Financial Adviser and Life Planner

The stuff you need to know:

  • Jason is Clarity’s founding Partner
  • He has more than 20 years’ experience as an adviser in the corporate-commercial, financial and banking sector
  • Jason spends a lot of his time assisting high net worth individuals and, as an associate of the Kinder Institute (www.kinderinstitute.com), has a holistic approach to Financial Life Planning
  • Jason’s strength lies in is his ability to see the ‘end result’; he takes time to get to know each and every one of his clients on an individual level so that the advice he gives is both personalised and structured towards helping his clients realize their dreams.

The stuff you want to know:

  • Jason is married to Gemma
  • When he is not at work, Jason is kept on his toes by his young twin children
  • He can also, from time to time, be found helping out at his wife’s beauty salon, either cleaning or manning the phones!
  • Jason is a keen Tottenham fan and is ever hopeful of Premier League success
  • He admits to enjoying a glass or 2 of wine, preferably of the pink variety, and ideally sat somewhere by the sea
  • And when asked what he would do if he was down to his last £10, Jason’s reply was that “he couldn’t have been doing his job very well!”
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David Tout

Independent Financial Adviser and Life Planner

The stuff you need to know:

  • David has 15+ years industry experience, having worked for 2 high street banks before becoming an IFA
  • He joined Clarity in January 2014 and has quickly made a name for himself as a knowledgeable and very personable financial adviser
  • David has a particular flair for Financial Life Planning and is an associate of the Kinder Institute (https://www.kinderinstitute.com)
  • He really takes pride in his work and is passionate about looking after his clients and helping them to achieve not just their financial potential but also their personal ambitions

The stuff you want to know:

  • David is a family man and a really sociable chap
  • He plays a lot of golf and says that if he wasn’t an IFA he could see himself running his own golf club or, better still, as a professional golfer!
  • He is always trying to get fit but never quite succeeds
  • David’s wife says that the reason he probably never quite succeeds at the getting fit bit is because he has a bit of a penchant for chips, Twix, Diet Coke and likes a beer or 2 (but don’t we all?)!
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Martin Allen

Independent Financial Adviser and Life Planner
The stuff you need to know:
Martin joined Clarity in Feb 2017 and is the most experienced member of the team. 
He has been an adviser for over 26 years having worked both as an adviser and in a managerial capacity for three major high street players within the financial services industry. Before joining the team he was running a very profitable and successful advisory practice.
Martin has specialized within the pension and investment market for most of his career and is known for his expertise in this area. He also leads Clarity’s auto-enrolment proposition where he helps deliver tailor made solutions for large and small companies.
Married to Rachel for 24 years with two teenage children he is very much a family man with strong roots in his local community.
The stuff you want to know:
A past Drake Rotary President and current member of Plymouth Rotary and Trustee of The Clemas Trust, Martin is very active within local charitable circles.
Even though he is our senior statesman (50 at the time of writing) he is quite a joker keeping everyone on their toes.
If Martin wasn’t a financial adviser he doesn’t quite know what he would be but with his liking of real ale he would be well suited to being a publican, preferably in his local pub which happens to be less than 200yards away!
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Gavin Jones

Head of Strategy and Business Development

The stuff you need to know:

  • Gavin started working with Clarity in August 2015.
  • He oversees the direction of the practice’s customer focused strategy.
  • He has more than 20 years of business experience.
  • Gavin has an ability to see “outside the box”.

The stuff you want to know:

  • When he is not at work, Gavin will be found on a cricket pitch!
  • Gavin is on the Board of Governors for two local Academy Trusts.
  • He enjoys cooking, and has great skills when it comes to the kitchen! Gavin loves to dine with friends and entertain.
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Nick Morris

Independent Financial Adviser

The stuff you need to know:

  • Nick has a strong commercial background; he studied Business at University and worked competently in sales before making the transition into the financial planning industry several years ago.
  • Although he can proficiently advise on a broad spectrum of financial products and arrangements, Nick’s real talent lies in helping his clients plan for the future. Nick’s focus as an IFA now is on delivering recommendations regarding pensions and investments.
  • Nick is a people person; he likes to meet with his clients in person and build real, long-term relationships so that his advice always comes with a personal touch.

The stuff you want to know:

  • Nick considers himself to be a bit of a young Michael Portillo – he travels a lot, mainly in Europe and often to Slovakia to visit his girlfriend.
  • He is a gym fanatic, currently into body-building and so he watches what he eats and is interested in nutrition.
  • When he can be persuaded not to count the calories, however, Nick will whip you up a mean spinach and ricotta cannelloni
  • And when he is not at the gym, or travelling around Europe, Nick likes to indulge in a round of golf, a spot of fishing, and – if you twist his arm – a few beers!
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Jason Harris

Mortgage and Protection Consultant

The stuff you need to know:

  • With more than 13 years experience as a Financial Consultant, Jason has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • He has access to every mortgage product currently available in market place and so is perfectly placed to help you find the absolute best solution whatever your personal circumstances
  • Forming long-term relationships with his clients is something that Jason feels very strongly about; he will always make time to visit you at home or at your work place so that you can discuss matters face to face.
  • Jason is proud to have a loyal client following and in fact is still doing business with the first ever client he helped when he became an IFA all those years ago!

The stuff you want to know:

  • Family life keeps Jason busy outside of work. He has a wife, 2 children and a dog.
  • He is a bit of a footy fanatic; not only is he a Wolves supporter but Jason also runs an under 9s local football team.
  • Jason likes to head to the gym or play a round of golf when he has the time but in the spirit of living a balanced life he also enjoys a pint or 2 with his mates every now and then!
  • Not many people know this but Jason hasn’t always been a Financial Adviser – he was actually an Electrician when first left school! He followed in his wife’s footsteps when he entered the world of finance.
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Ruth Carroll

Practice Manager

The stuff you need to know.

Ruth has over 20 years worth of experience in Leadership and Financial Management

Ruth takes great pride in encouraging and enabling her team to provide the upmost customer service in the most economically efficient manner

Ruth is a AAT Qualified Accountant

Ruth is currently cementing her wealth of experience by undertaking a AMSPAR Level 5 Leadership and Management Course

The stuff you want to know:

Ruth is a busy mum to 5 children – including 6 year old twins so there is never a dull moment and she had to learn to be a fenomenal organiser!

Ruth also have 3 dogs who are “The apples of her eye” varying in age from 14 years to a new pup

Ruth enjoys exercising – gym, running with (Or without after 4 sprained ankles) her dogs

Ruth is very sociable with a large circle of friends who can become a bit gregarious after one to many bubbles but is abit geeky on the quiet and enjoys nothing more than a decent book curled up in bed with good coffee, a dog or three and inevitably a child along the way for a chat and cuddle

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Wendy Tout

Senior IFA Coordinator

The stuff you need to know:

  • Wendy provides invaluable support to the firm’s senior advisers acting as new client coordinator
  • She is responsible for collating client related information and is the first port of call for client enquiries
  • Wendy has over 24 years experience as a financial adviser.
  • Wendy believes that building and maintaining client relationships is paramount and she prides herself on providing a customer service that is second to none

The stuff you want to know:

  • Wendy is a bit of a fitness fanatic; she loves the gym and works out 5 or 6 times a week
  • Her 3 children keep her busy, particularly on the weekends when she takes on the role of “football mum”
  • She is the Chair of Governors at a local primary school
  • And if all that wasn’t enough, Wendy also somehow finds time to walk her lovely Labrador twice a day!
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Kim Conn

Compliance and Wealth Management Coodinator

The stuff you need to know:

  • Kim is Clarity’s Compliance Coordinator which in ‘everyday-speak’ means she ensures that the firm does what it needs to do to satisfy regulatory obligations and industry standards
  • Kim also looks after ongoing client matters, carries out portfolio reviews and arranges all client appointments
  • She is responsible for putting together the Clarity Client Newsletter and keeping clients informed about matters of interest.

The stuff you want to know:

  • With 2 sons, 4 grandchildren, Kim is incredibly family orientated.
  • She is a music fan, often supports local bands, and likes to let her hair down on the dance-floor
  • Kim openly admits she “can’t cook, won’t cook” and prefers to leave the housework to the man of the house!
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Colin Saunders

Business Development Manager

The stuff you need to know:

  • Colin has more than 35 years in the financial industry; he started his financial career selling insurance and steadily climbed the ladder to success.
  • In 2001 he set up in business on his own as an IFA. And it is fair to say that what Colin doesn’t know about financial planning really isn’t worth knowing.
  • He truly loves his job, so much so that 3 years after ‘retiring’ he is still doing it!
  • These days, though, Colin’s role is as an introducer rather than an adviser – he is a financial matchmaker if you like… He is a relationship former, he casts connections and makes sure that each and every client that walks through the door receives a personal service that exceeds expectations.

The stuff you want to know:

  • Colin is a very proud granddad and spends many a weekend on the football field cheering his granddaughters on from the sidelines.
  • He is football focused full stop – he’s a Wolves supporter and he (together with his colleague, Jason) also sponsors a couple of local young girls’ football teams
  • He is a proficient pianist and comes from a long line of musicians. Colin in fact has always fancied himself as a singer but the truth is he really can’t hold a tune!
  • Little known fact alert: Before becoming a financial whiz, Colin was a trainee housing officer with the local authority.
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Mark Kerry

Business Development Manager

The stuff you want to know:

  • Mark has absolutely no intention of retiring any time soon, but he does plan on taking time out to travel with his wife when he can.
  • Mark and his wife like to holiday both in this country and abroad – their favourite spots include Spain and the Canaries and they like to get away to those sunnier climes in February and November to escape the British Winter!
  • On a Thursday evening you will likely find Mark playing snooker; he is a member of the West Midlands Snooker League.
  • And he is a BIG BIG Wolves fan – he was, until recently, a season ticket holder but now spends his weekends with his 3 grandchildren
  • In his pre-financial life, Mark was actually an engineer in the motor industry.
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Louise Crosby

Head of Administration

The stuff you need to know:

  • Louise started her financial career in 1989, at the age of just 16, with Britannic Insurance and her exceptional customer service skills coupled with her managerial experience make her the ideal person to ensure the smooth running of the Cannock office.
  • Louise lists the following things amongst her daily duties:
  • Undertaking essential product research,
  • Arranging client appointments,
  • Answering the phones, and
  • Helping with submissions.
  • If the truth be told, Louise is the lady in the know and the first point of contact for clients in the Midlands.

The stuff you want to know:

  • Louise is a mum to football mad twin daughters and she (like many of her colleagues) will usually be found on a football field at the weekend!
  • When she isn’t watching football she is fundraising for her daughters’ football teams or taking her daughters to football training.
  • When the hectic football calendar allows her some time off Louise enjoys socializing and eating out.
  • And holidays are high on the Crosby family’s list of priorities – preferably somewhere hot, but they have also got a bit of a soft spot for caravanning in this country…
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Lisa Ball

General Insurance Consultant and Property Specialist

The stuff you need to know:

  • Lisa has being working as an Insurance Consultant for more than 20 years and consequently has a wealth of experience in the industry.
  • Before joining Jason Mountjoy and his team in 2011, Lisa spent 17 years working for Peter Goord Insurance – a family run insurance broker business in Plymouth; she has a loyal client following as a result.
  • Although Lisa can and will assist her clients with all of their general insurance requirements, her main area of expertise is in the property insurance sector, and she can find the right insurance product for all home owners whatever the size and value of the property in question.
  • Lisa believes wholeheartedly in offering her clients a personalised service; she likes to keep things as simple as possible and promises that there will be no ‘hard sell’ involved.
  • She is committed to building long term relationships, she will work flexibly to fit in with her clients’ busy schedules and, importantly, Lisa will always be on hand to deal with policy related queries and changes – her role doesn’t stop simply because a policy has been paid for.

The stuff you want to know:

  • Lisa lives in Plymouth and is married to Jon; together they like to cook, mainly with chillies – the hotter the better!
  • She and Jon also love live music and they like to support local bands
  • Lisa has a 9-year-old Spaniel called Jet; he is her pride and joy and apparently they are so close that they even share the same hairstyle!
  • Lisa’s favourite way to unwind is to go trail running with Jet in the woods; they do this whatever the weather and, as far as Lisa is concerned, the muddier they get, the more fun they have.
  • And when she is not out running with Jet, Lisa likes to chill out with a large G&T!
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Andrea Knezevic

Business Development Manager

What you need to know:

– She focuses on acquiring new business and keeping long-term relations with the existing clients in London
– Andrea has two years of work experience in Business Development Management and before that she worked in Hospitality
– She has three masters: International Business, International Relations and Criminology and Criminal Justice.

What you want to know:

– She is Polish/Croatian, but lived in five different countries before she moved to London
– Andrea loves travelling and trying new food
– She would never say “no” to a musical, concert or a G&T
– Big football (Gunners supporter) and tennis fan
– She is dating a Swedish guy

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Claire Chown

Financial Adviser

The stuff you need to know:-

Claire has 20+ years industry experience, firstly working for a high street bank and another wealth management company before joining Clarity.

She joined Clarity in May 2017

She has just started studying towards Chartered.

She believes in building good relationships with her clients so that she can always understand their needs and help them to put bespoke financial plans in place for now and the future.

The stuff you want to know:-

Claire is married to Steve and they have 2 young children.

She spends most of her spare time with her family, taking the children to various activities, including dancing, swimming, gymnastics and rugby.

Claire does take time out for herself as she enjoys playing Netball for a local team, competing in the plymouth Netball league.

She also enjoys socialising with friends, occasional weekends away and her family holidays are very important to her.